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Why chenggang gear motor can use more than 20 years
01 The fixed rotor is selected from domestic famous brands: the material is H18 (470).
02 The power and volume of the brake rectifier are increased, and the brake design, heat dissipation and low temperature are not only beautiful but also greatly reduce the failure rate.
03 The output shaft is made of special alloy steel and is specially heat treated to ensure that it is not easy to wear and break.
04 The use of internationally renowned brand motor bearings, high motor speed, if the use of general bearings can not withstand long-term operation.
05 With imported capacitors, the capacity is not easy to decay and the protection starts smoothly.
06 The key gears are imported gears, and special alloy steels are required to be treated by special heat treatment or charcoal. The hardness, hardness and toughness are matched with each other and do not
07 Use imported lubricants to ensure that the grease does not dry out and the gears do not wear out.
08 All materials, such as enameled wire, fixed rotor, electronic wire, oil seal and other parts are strictly selected for high - class well-known brand materials to ensure aging and long natural life.