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With the increase of labor costs, automation and unmannedization will be the future trend. In addition to the introduction of several major products on the website, our professional team will launch a variety of blue ocean products that are currently temporarily classified as trade secrets. We sincerely invite visionary social elites to create brilliance, and welcome friends from dealers to join our harmonious team. We are always ready to provide the necessary professional training and related assistance.

We have a professional team from Taiwan, and we have trained a group of rigorous and professional engineers. We can provide professional and dedicated service at any time, combined with a comprehensive service network throughout the country. Our professional is the backing of the company.

Joining process

01Understand the company

Get to know the basic information of the company through the website and the company's telephone number

02Fill in the cooperation intention form

Fill in the distributor cooperation intention application and send it to the company's marketing center

03Business negotiation

The business director of the company shall negotiate with him about collective cooperation

04Sign cooperation agreement

Understand the basic letter of the company through the website, the company consulting telephone, sign the cooperation agreement and become a strategic Partner

05Market operation

Operate regional market according to company marketing strategy

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